My photo collection

To anyone who reads this

And I mean you :)

I noticed I have already collected a few followers. That is nice of course, but this page will not be updates frequently. If you are interested in the bikes you can read all about them on my blog:

I started this tumblr page for myself to put all the photos I like best all together on one site so I can easily access them. As I will only post my best (in my opinion) photos here and I don’t go out to shoot pictures all that often, please don’t expect too many updates. But I hope you will enjoy the (limited) content of this page anyway!

Please feel free to share, reblog or download the photos. But please do not remove the copyright/logo from the photos. I do have most photos without the logo, if you want any of those, feel free to contact me. The same goes for commercial use of my photos, please contact me first.